A downloadable game for Windows

First game i have ever made 

First game jam i have joined

Made this for the Pixel Nightmare Game jam 2019

Game play is simple and about 5 - 10 minutes  long

Hope you enjoy 


You will also need to install the RPG Maker XP RTP found in link if you do not own rpgmaker xp


Caligyne.exe 18 MB

Development log


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Hi! I loved your game <3 this is my Let's play :3


Hello!, I am an administrator of a rpg maker page of the Spanish community. I was wondering if you could give me permission to make a translation of it. I will wait for your response! :3

Hello sorry for the late response, i have been busy preparing for Christmas and such.

Thank-you for asking for permission, and sure you may translate the game :) 

If you need any help message me and i will try to get back to you Asap

I already have the translation! If you want to put it on your page there is no problem, here is the link.


Brilliant work! :D

Thank-you for the Spanish translation, i will put up a link in the development log

Interesting short creepy game. I liked the surreal atmosphere and character art style. Also the design of the monster was cool. Good for your first game! :) 

Thank-you very much :)


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Thank-you for playing my game :D

I hope you enjoyed it